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You are welcome to bring your house trained dog with you. They will love the fresh air and countryside. All we would ask of you is that they are cleaned up after. We find that dogs feel at home if you bring their cage or bed, and ask that they are not allowed upstairs or on the furniture.  Please do let us know when making a booking details about your dog.  We usually can only cater for a maximum of two dogs…

Foel has its own resident cat, and Tiger is very territorial. Sorry, but some of our visitors are allergic to cat hairs, so we keep Tiger out of all properties except our flat.

There is ample car parking but please inform us of any vehicles that are very low to the ground, oversized or of any specific parking requirements.

We understand that sometimes circumstances change and that cancellations have to be made. Please see our terms and conditions to see the specific conditions for cancellation

Foel Ortho Fair Use Policy for the 4G Wireless Internet

Firstly, some want the 4G Internet turned off!  Families, Groups, Rowing Crews wishing to bond.  Please let us know….

Until 5G comes to Wales, we are forced to use the 4G phone network to get our internet from a 4G mast high up the hill that we had to install ourselves.  This means it’s expensive and a fixed number of Gigabytes per month.

Yes, there is fast 4G internet access at Foel Ortho and if used responsibly, it is perfect for your holiday! There is enough bandwidth to stream MP3s (less memory hungry than YouTube), stream a film each day for an evening’s group entertainment and check important emails.  It is even available throughout the garden and as far as the top of the knoll above the Farmhouse!

To ensure guests have access to the 4G internet all the way through your stay, all we ask is you realise it is different from unlimited broadband in the cities and that you use it responsibly and not exceed what is reasonable, normal use for this kind of 4G system.

To ensure we don’t run out of data for the month:

  • please get large groups to turn devices to ‘airplane’ mode when not needing access.  It makes a huge difference.
  • please let the group / families know that peer-to-peer networking, or excessive streaming or gaming will use it all up – then there will be none left for a month!

There is, however, unlimited Wi-Fi at The Lake Vyrnwy Hotel Bar.  With less screen time, perhaps you’ll get a chance to talk to each other and enjoy the majestic mountains and stunning scenery!?

ASDA deliver.  Order before you get here to arrive on your first day.  Our postcode is SY10 0HU, the name of the farm is Foel Ortho.

We recommend bringing your own, but if you fancy cycling around Lake Vyrnwy, you can hire them at Artisans, The Old Sawmill, Lake Vyrnwy,, Oswestry, Shropshire., SY10 0NA, (01691)870317, & The Old Barn Cafe,
Lake Vyrnwy, Llanwddyn SY10 0LZ.  If you need to hire a large number – we can hire a trailer of bikes for you!

There is SO much to do!  Please see the ACTIVITIES menu at the top of the page and look or download the ACTIVITIES pdf from the DOWNLOADS AND LAST MINUTE OFFERS menu at the top of each page.

There is Wi-Fi all over the properties (so Wi-Fi calling) and you can get 3G outside for emergency calls.  On top of the mountains and hills the signal is excellent!  However, if one of your party breaks a leg, you can ask to use Jenny and Eddie’s landline.

There is a BBQ available for use at a cost of £10.  We will provide the charcoal (within reason – so if you plan to use it a lot, I would bring some yourselves) – we do ask you clean up after use.

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Farmhouse sleeps 15/17, Bunkhouse sleeps 8 (Max 12), Treehouse sleeps 2, Barn Hall sleeps 10 (Max 16 by special arrangement).