There is wonderful walking / walks for all tastes and abilities. They range from the easy and beautiful to the extremely hard but magnificent!

There are a great many famous walks in this part of Mid Wales, the Berwyn Mountains, the Aran Mountains, Cadair Idris (or Cader Idris), Snowdon, Snowdonia, Owain Glyndwr, Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall Walk, Pererindod Melangell Walk, The Ann Griffiths Walk, The Llangynog Loop Walk and many, many more…  just ask!

Please also see the Foel Ortho YouTube Playlist and full activity list, which is at the bottom of the page.

Aran Fawddwy Mountain Walk

Aran Fawddwy Mountain Walk. The Arans are the highest mountains South of Snowdon and offer stunning walking and climbing up to the summit, Aran Fawddwy at 907m. The Arans are relatively unpopular only due to their remote location. Lucky for those staying at Foel Ortho Bunkhouse, Farmhouse or Treehouse, however, it’s only nearby! The Arans form part of the mostly southwest-northeast ridge between Dolgellau and Bala that continues west as Cadair Idris.

Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall to Cadair Berwyn Walk

Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall to Cadair Berwyn Walk 

Walking from the stunning Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall (which at 240 ft tall, is taller than Niagara Falls and the highest waterfall in Wales & England and is also one of the Seven Wonders of Wales. 

Lake Vyrnwy Hotel Bar / Pub from Foel Ortho

Mountain Bike or Walking to Lake Vyrnwy Hotel Bar / Pub from Foel Ortho Farmhouse, Bunkhouse, Treehouse & Spa. 

Rhialgwm triangulation point from Foel Ortho

A stunning local walk up through the forest to the Rhialgwm triangulation point at 540m from Foel Ortho Bunkhouse & Farmhouse.  

Walk to Foel Ortho Knoll

A short walk behind Foel Ortho Farmhouse, Bunkhouse, Treehouse and Spa to the knoll. This gives quite the best view of the Tanat Valley around. A perfect short family walk, or a Sunday stroll before reading the papers! Note: Red arrows show direction of travel. If no arrow shown, travel in direction of photo or walker.